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May 9, 2009 Spring Concert


Poet and Peasant
Franz von Suppe


Polonaise Alla Polacca
Jean Sibelius


Symphony No. 5 in C minor
Ludwig van Beethoven

Allegro con brio


Andante con moto

Scherzo (Allegro) and Allegro


Elegie for Cello, Op. 24
Gabriel Faure
Ryan Burbey, cello

Suite For Strings
John Rutter


A Roving


I Have a Bonnet Trimmed in Blue


O Waly Waly


Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron

November 1, 2009 Fall Concert


Romanze for Violin and Orchestra
Johann Svendsen
Bridgette Seidel, violin



Peter and the Wolf
Sergey Prokofiev
Ed Schwartz, storyteller

Concerto in D for Guitar and Orchestra
Antonio Vivaldi
Daniel McPherson, guitar


Modest Mussorgsky


Karelia Suite
Jean Sibelius

December 7, 2009 Holiday Concert


Concerto Grosso for the Most Sacred Birth
Francesco Manfredini
Cheryl Prince & Matt Chan, solo violins



The Carol of the Birds
John Howell, arr.
Ali Haskins, soprano

Concerto Made for the Night of the Birth

Arcangelo Corelli

Cheryl Prince & Matt Chan, violins, Daniel Foster, cello

Jolly Old Saint Pachelbel
John Howell, arr.
Ali Haskins & Cindy Blevins, vocalists

Poet and Peasant.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Sibelius Polonaise.mp3
Beethoven5th Allegroconbrio.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Beethoven5th Andanteconmoto.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Beethoven5th Scherzo-Allegro+Allegro.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Elegie Faure.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Rutter I A roving [HD].mp3
Rutter II I have a bonnet trimmed [HD].mp3
Rutter III O Wally Wally [HD].mp3
Rutter IV Dashing Away [HD].mp3
Svendsen Romanze.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Prokofiev Peter and The Wolf.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Vivaldi Guitar Concerto in D.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Mussorgsky Hopak.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Sibelius Karelia Suite.mp3 (audio mpeg Object).mp3
Howell, arr.Carol_Of_the_Birds.mp3
Corelli Concerto-_Made_for_the_NightA.mp3
Howell, arr. Jolly_Old_Saint_Pachelbel.mp3
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